Introducing Drogo's third Zodiac Tea and first all-fruit tea: Gemini!


Created with the unique sign in mind, our Gemini blend uses not one, but two types of blueberries. Gemini contains American blueberries and European blueberries (also known as bilberries), as well as hibiscus, apple, elderberry, currant pieces, and cornflower petals. This tea also follows suit with Gemini's two sides in that it's wonderful hot or iced! For our model for our Gemini tea, we also wanted to chose a unique individual, who also happens to be the artist for Drogo's company logo!


Alec, also known by the artist handle DoodleCakes, is in fact a Gemini and also identifies as trans non-binary. They are an incredibly talented and hardworking individual who we wanted to showcase as the logo for this tea. With the logo, we wanted to represent the duality of not only the Gemini sign, but also let both the masculine and feminine sides of Alec's identity shine.

Be sure to check out Alec on their social media!


Instagram: doodle_cakes

Facebook: DoodleCakes


If you're able, there is also a GoFundMe for their top surgery to help this wonderful person be comfortable in their skin! Check it out here! 💜