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My mom is a nurse. If you know nurses, then you know that their life blood is the kind of coffee that sprouts hair on your chest. My mother only likes the darkest of dark roasts- so I created a coffee to do just that.


Mom's Roast is the coffee equivalent of a hot, smoky voiced, Brazilian lover. The flavor notes for this roast are rich, dark chocolate and roasted peanuts. The beans we use for Mom's Roast are from Volcano Coffee Company, one of Brazil's most unique producers. The farm is located on the side of an ancient volcano, receiving intense sunlight during the day before experiencing sudden nightfall when the sun drops over the top of the volcano. This coffee is excellent using just about any brewing method and makes for a great espresso.


Needless to say Mom is pretty happy.

*While peanuts are mentioned in the description, there are NO peanuts in our office and/or roasting area.

Art by Alberolingarn Designs

Instagram: alberolingarn

Facebook: Alberolingarn Designs

Mom's Roast

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