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This tea initially brews a deep, Drogo purple, but when hit with a splash of citrus it turns a vivid fuchsia! MAGIC!!! (It’s really science, but.... MAGIC!!!) Moondust is one of our more popular blends; a Peach White Tea with Raspberry and Rose notes that makes for a fresh and clean taste with a pop!Bonus: IT’S GLITTERY!!!
(Glitter used is 100% safe and edible.)


*Of Note on Brewing:

In order to fully experience the magic that is this color-changing tea, make sure you have at least one Butterfly Pea Flower and one Rosehip piece for a cup of tea. The Butterfly Pea Flowers will be a deep, dark indigo color, while the Rosehips will be a shriveled looking, red-orange fruit piece.

Recommendation for drinking:
Chill after brewing before mixing as an Arnold Palmer (half tea, half lemonade). If you're feeling particularly fun, you can add some Gin to the mix to jazz things up.