Allergy Warning

At Drogo, we take the utmost precautions to avoid cross contamination between our products while we are preparing and packaging them.

That being said, all of our coffees and teas are processed in the same facility. Our coffee grinder in particular is used to grind all the coffees that we offer.

Some of our coffees and/or teas may contain tree nuts, cacao (cocoa), various fruits, and various spices.

We always list out the ingredients* we use in our coffees and teas on the back of our packaging and in our online descriptions. This includes noting if something has been smoked and what it has been smoked with (like our smoked coffees).

*We do warn, if you have any sulfite/sulphite allergies (such as sulfur dioxide) please be VERY cautious with any of our tea containing dried fruits. We will always try to list when something contains and/or has been processed using a sulfite, but unfortunately it is not always listed by the supplier.

If you're ever unsure if one of our products contains/has been exposed to an ingredient you're allergic to, please send us a message here on the site, make note of it when placing your order, or email us at We will be more than happy to help!