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This coffee is in honor of my dad, the OG Barry. Due to some complications he had to sacrifice a toe to the universe. But no matter what, 9 toed dad is best dad. To keep in the same vein of my dad’s tastes, this is a light Kenyan roast with hints of blackberry, plums, and brown sugar. With a bright acidity and medium body it makes a wonderful morning coffee!


Art by Jeramy Muxworthy

Instagram: muxworrrthy

Daddy 9 Toes

  • With our slow roasting method, our light roasted coffees may appear lighter than some store-bought coffees. This is intentional as this level of roast helps to bring out the flavor notes as listed. Depending on how you usually brew your coffee, you may need to make some alterations to your method when brewing one of our light roasts.


    For light roasts, we suggest a slower brewing method such as French press or pour over. You can still use a traditional drip coffee maker, but you may need to alter the ratio of coffee grounds to water depending on the strength of coffee you prefer. More coffee grounds or less water is usually our go-to suggestion. Because our coffees are so fresh, you may need an extra scoop or two of coffee grounds than you regularly use. Additionally, you may need to grind your coffee a bit finer than usual. We DEFINITELY suggest this if you are using a pod coffee maker, such as a Keurig. If you are unable to do this at home, we do have a “Fine Drip” grind option available!

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