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A flavorful medium/dark Colombian with notes of dried fruit and rich milk chocolate are accompanied by hints of fresh berries, in this medium bodied coffee- while not having the caffeine!*


Description of decaffeinated coffee from Ceremony Coffee:


Decaf almost always has a specific decaf smell and flat taste to it. Sugar cane ethyl acetate (E.A.) processing, also commonly referred to as natural decaffeinated, starts by fermenting molasses derived from sugar cane to create ethanol. This alcohol is then mixed with acetic acid, to create the compound ethyl acetate.


In Colombia, where sugar cane is readily available, it makes great economic sense to use this plentiful resource to complement the coffee industry. E.A. is also found in wine, beer, fruit, vegetables, and other food and beverage.


When the coffee is received it is first submitted to a condition of water and steam. This elevates the moisture contained and swells the bean in order to facilitate the extraction of caffeine. It is at this point, that the bean experiences an E.A. wash, which dissolves the caffeine. The beans are then cleaned with water, followed by steam, to clean the inner most portions of the bean.


Finally, the beans are dried until reaching the moisture similar to which they had prior to the process. This method avoids excessive heat or pressure, which can radically disrupt a green bean's cellular structure.


(Source: Ceremony Coffee)


*Of Note: If you select a ground option for Dream Eater, it will be ground in the same grinder as our caffeinated coffees. Please be aware of this if you are extremely sensitive to caffeine.

Dream Eater

  • Through the decaffeintation process, coffee beans get denser. When you order and receive our Dream Eater coffee, it may appear to have fewer beans than our regular, caffeinated coffees. Additionally, at home grinders may have a more difficult time grinding decaffeinated beans. If you're unsure whether or not your grinder can handle this, please choose one of our drop down options for grinding. Please message us through the chat option or email us if you need assistance choosing the ground option that's best for you and we'll be more than happy to help!

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