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A flavorful blend of black tea, orange pieces, blackberry leaves, lime leaves, Egyptian lemon, and Egyptian hibiscus.


Our Hip Hip Hoo Ra! tea is a tea that Drogo has been excited about doing for a long time. We grew up making sun tea in our families, and wanted to curate a tea blend as well as packaging to easily make your own sun tea at home! When you buy Hip Hip Hoo Ra!, you will get three (3) sachets of tea to use to brew up a batch of sun tea. If you want more sachets than the standard three, you can choose a larger amount from the drop down menu to the right.


For those not familiar with sun tea, this fun way of brewing tea is all done with the power of the sun. In order for your sun tea to turn out the best it can, you'll want to follow our sun tea brewing instructions using a clear glass or plastic beverage dispenser.


Hip Hip Hoo Ra!

  • Sun Tea Brewing Instructions:

    Use one (1) sachet per 1-2 gallons of filtered water (depending on how strong you like your tea). Place water and sachet in a clean, clear container. Leave container in direct sunlight for 2-4 hours to brew.


    Iced Tea Brewing Instructions:

    Bring 1-2 gallons (again, depending on strength preference) of water to steam then turn off the heat. Add one (1) sachet of tea to the water then steep for 10-15 minutes.

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