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Seasonal! Will return in December 2022!


The mellow, sweet, and clean Honduran light roast that you love is now dusted in vanilla for a special holiday coffee! With notes of toffee, lemon, and cocoa flavors blend well with the vanilla dust to bring out a smooth Creme Brûlée finish.


“We are the spark that will light the fire..." Rebel Rebel is special for the fact that it is celebrating and promoting women in the coffee industry. Hell, just celebrating women in every form. I love you. We are strong.


Will return for Winter 2022!


The origin of this blend may change on occasion, but there will always be one aspect that never changes. Women Producers.


About The Women Producer Program From Cafe Imports:

In an attempt to recognize and promote the work women do growing and producing coffees around the world, we have developed—and seek to expand—a program empowering women along the global coffee supply chain by creating equity, visibility, and access to a wider market.


While the role of women is culturally distinct from region to region within the coffee-producing world, we have created a set of base guidelines for the organizations and communities whose coffees are highlighted in this program, which helps us to work collaboratively with the growers to establish premiums and parameters for their participation.


These coffees come from both women’s cooperatives, and from the women members of mixed-gender cooperatives whose coffees are separated out from the main lots. The coffees score between 85–88 points, and the women are paid a premium per pound for their coffee as part of the Women Coffee Producers program; there is also the potential to develop microlot rewards through this program, for coffees that cup 88 and higher.


The women often choose to apply the premiums to projects in their communities, such as educational efforts and increased health-care access, but there are no stipulations to the use of the funds: The premiums Cafe Imports pays represent a small step toward eliminating the inequity that women face in coffee, and recognizes the specific financial considerations and hardships that women in general face around the world, both within and without the coffee industry.

Hoth Rebel Rebel

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  • With our slow roasting method, our light roasted coffees may appear lighter than some store-bought coffees. This is intentional as this level of roast helps to bring out the flavor notes as listed. Depending on how you usually brew your coffee, you may need to make some alterations to your method when brewing one of our light roasts.


    For light roasts, we suggest a slower brewing method such as French press or pour over. You can still use a traditional drip coffee maker, but you may need to alter the ratio of coffee grounds to water depending on the strength of coffee you prefer. More coffee grounds or less water is usually our go-to suggestion. Because our coffees are so fresh, you may need an extra scoop or two of coffee grounds than you regularly use. Additionally, you may need to grind your coffee a bit finer than usual. We DEFINITELY suggest this if you are using a pod coffee maker, such as a Keurig. If you are unable to do this at home, we do have a “Fine Drip” grind option available!

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