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Kopi Luwak coffee beans are interesting to say the least. They are said to be the rarest coffee beans in the world, with some places charging $30 or more per cup. If you don’t know their origin... well... yeah...The roast itself is lovely! This is a wonderful, smooth, medium roast with a full body and caramel notes.


Kopi Luwak - Wild Arabica Gayo Luwak are animal-friendly coffee beans, processed by the Palm Civet or Luwak in Indonesia. All of their wild coffee beans are collected on UTZ certified farms only and processed in cooperation with WAP, World Animal Protection. Cage Free, WILD Arabica Kopi Luwak is 100% traceable through World Animal Protection as freely living in the highlands of the Gayo Mountains in Northern Sumatra. I will never purchase beans through a farm that cages their animals.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the expense and quality of these beans, we do not keep the green coffee on hand. When you place an order for Rock the Catbox, please anticipate adding at least an additional week to your order's processing/arrival time. We will then reach out to our supplier to get the green beans to make sure your coffee is as fresh as possible when it arrives to you.


Art by Artetak

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