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The air turns crisp.


The days grow short.


And things just seem to get...eerier.


This is the time of year when the Spider Queen arrives.


While she may seem imposing and dreary, she has a certain warmth to her that you can't quite explain. Similar to the Autumn season, there is something comforting in her presence. But beware, one false move and that kinder side will fall away as quickly as a spider dropping from the rafters. 


Spider Queen is a blend of white tea, black goji berries, passion flower petals, and snow chrysanthemum.

Spider Queen

  • Brewing Temperature: 185° F

    Steep Time: 1 to 3 minutes

    Amount: Healthy pinch per 2 to 3 cups tea*


    *Our teas are less processed with no sugar added, so a healthy pinch (between your thumb, index, and middle fingers) is perfect for a cup of tea. Do not add too much tea to your steeper of choice, as the leaves will double or triple in size. Depending on how strong you like your tea, you can also steep our tea leaves multiple times because of the quality. If you're having difficulty with your tea brewing correctly, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to help troubleshoot!

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