Embodying the brave, courageous, and daring aspects of Strength, this tea is definitely outside the norm, being a combination of Pu-erh, black tea, cocoa beans, green coffee beans, ground coffee, chamomile petals, and edible glitter.


At first glance to those new to Tarot, this card may come across as a representation of raw, unadulterated power. A common misconception, where Strength's real strength (haha) comes from the ability to control that power and maintain your compassionate side while doing so. We felt combining the softer, more delicate qualities of tea, with the darker, bolder qualities of coffee was an excellent way to portray this balance that exists within Strength. A cup of Strength could be just the thing to boost your confidence, helping to give you the power to successfully tackle your problems head-on, whether they are minute or life-changing.


*Warning: contains coffee and chocolate (cocoa beans)