A smoky, dark, and seductive blend that imbues you with a sense of strength and determination in the face of defeat. The Devil is a blend of Russian Caravan black tea, cinnamon, ginger, black and white pepper, clove, nutmeg, cardamon, and red edible glitter.


The Devil may seem like a card filled with negativity and bad omens, but just like any of the Tarot cards, context is everything. It's better to think of this as a card full of personal potential. The Devil reminds us that we should not allow material things to have influence over us, but that we ourselves are powerful and control our path. Often times when this card appears in a reading, it may indicate that there are areas of your life in need of improvement. This tea is the perfect thing to brew when you're feeling stuck and need the momentum to push yourself out of the muck.

The Devil