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This Rooibos tea blend contains red cornflower, safflower and turmeric— giving it hints of floral, earth and spice.

Deep in a South African cavern there dwells a creature old as the world itself. The Grootslang is a massive beast said to have the head of an elephant and the body of a snake.

After creating the Grootslang, the gods realized they had made a terrible mistake. The beasts were far too strong and smart and had to be broken up into the snakes and elephants we know today. So the gods set out to slaughter the grootslang and erase them from existence, but unknown to them they had missed one.

That Grootslang, which lives deep in the wonder hole (yes. the wonder hole. grow up) in Richtersveld South Africa not only survived the purge but has sired every Grootslang alive today, including those invading the Orange River. It is said that the only way to survive an encounter with a Grootslang is to barter for your life by trading precious gems or exceptionally tasty tea.

The Grootslang

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