Formerly our Moondust tea! Same tea, just with a new name and look!


A tea that holds a secret, waiting to be revealed. The Moon is one of our more popular blends; a peach, apricot white tea with raspberry leaves, butterfly pea flowers, rose hip pieces, and edible silver glitter.


This tea initially brews* a deep, Drogo purple, but this is only an illusion. When a splash of citrus is added to this concoction, The Moon turns a bright, vivid fuchsia!


The Moon can be misconceived by some as a negative card, but we see it more as revealing of truth. This revealing of truth can happen right in front of your eyes, but more often than not, it is revealed in the night, during your dreams in your subsoncious. When this card appears, it generally denotes that one should trust their intution and be wary of treachery and deception. Alas, don't let this fear and anxiety of deception keep you from living life, instead take a breath and enjoy a cup of The Moon to add a brightness to your day.




*Of Note on Brewing:

In order to fully experience the magic that is this color-changing tea, make sure you have at least one Butterfly Pea Flower and one Rosehip piece for a cup of tea. The Butterfly Pea Flowers will be a deep, dark indigo color, while the Rosehips will be a shriveled looking, red-orange fruit piece.

Recommendation for drinking:
Chill after brewing before mixing as an Arnold Palmer (half tea, half lemonade). If you're feeling particularly fun, you can add some Gin to the mix to jazz things up.

The Moon