Foreboding, dark, and a bit intimidating when you see it, this blend will shake you up in the best kind of way. The Tower is a blend of an aged Pu-erh black tea, purple cornflower, elderberries, and slate-gray edible glitter. The Tower can initially be a terrifying card to behold in a Tarot reading, with the card showing images of fire, chaos, and destruction. As with most disasters, it's traumatic as it's occuring, but the negatives don't last forever. True, some pain and loss may linger, but unexpected positives will eventually come from it. Just as new plants grow after a forest fire, The Tower reminds us that we will recover from adversity and come back stronger in the long run. This tea is grounded and earthy, helping to remind us to examine our foundation and realize that sudden change must sometimes take place to renew and rebuild.

The Tower