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Customer Reviews:


"You can’t get this brew normally. You cannot buy it from their store, you must be afflicted with ownership of it. It seems that via misplaced deals with the fae I have suffered the fate of carrying this burden. Do NOT drink more than a cup. I drank half of one and I could begin to feel my peripheral vision slowly increasing to it's limits, the inside of my head became warm with the fire of a thousand suns, I began to pace in hyper speed. To onlookers I appeared as a single line ever changing based on my chosen walking path.

I did not heed the warning at the bottom of the package. I thought since I had already tried Drogo’s other very high caffeinated product (Tiger, Tiger) that I would be fine and know what to expect. No. That was a foolish mistake. I know now that this brew is only if you need to have the brainpower to see math equations when you close your eyes and run a marathon while doing pushups.

The flavor notes are accurate. The battery acid aftertaste hits instantly upon drinking it and has lingered in my mouth since I had taken my swigs. The blood taste actually does well to round it out, and gives the drink proper weight and texture to it. Even though it isn’t great by any means I’d still choose this over Supermarket coffee any day, however if you want a good high potency brew to get you going just buy, "Tiger, Tiger" from their store, it’s less likely to kill you and tastes much better.


Overall 7/10 coffee. Would drink again when I need the energy of a thousand suns or need to hype myself up to fight God."

-Dimension Hopping Thespian

"VERY GOOD. I am pleased."

-Overworked Firefighter

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